Terms of Service


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Terms of Service

By accessing and using the Buy & SellMotor Parts application, you are voluntarily agreeing to be bound by all of our terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all of our terms and conditions, do not access or use the Buy & SellMotor Parts application. Use of our application constitutes an agreement.

Users must be 18 years of age or older to use the Buy & SellMotor Parts application. Using the Buy & SellMotor Parts application does not constitute any legal obligation of any kind from the creators of said application. The Buy & Sell Motor Part application is for entertainment purposes and personal use only. Any and all transactions and/or communications entered into the application is the sole responsibility of the users, with absolutely no liability conferred to the creators of the Buy & Sell Motor Partsapplication.

Users of the Buy & Sell Motor Parts application must create an account in order to use the application’s features. Users who create an account agree to provide current and accurate personal information. User information can and will be used to confirm user identity, whenever needed.Users are responsible for determining thetype of payment they will receive for items that they choose to sell.

The Buy & Sell Motor Parts application is not a dating application. Users are strictly prohibited from using the applicationfor any illegal purpose. If a user is suspected of using the Buy & Sell Motor Partsinappropriately, his or heraccount will be removed at the administration’s discretion without notice or recourse.

Use of the Buy & Sell Motor Parts application releases its creators from all personal and professional liability. Users of the applications agree that all personal information and photographs posted in the application is the sole property of the creators of Buy & Sell Motor Parts. Users of the Buy & Sell Motor Parts application are prohibited from holding the application or its creators liable for any loss of merchandise, money, or life. Users access and operate the application at their own risk.

Prohibited Activities:

Use of the Buy & Sell Motor Parts application to perform illegal actions is strictly prohibited. In addition, distasteful behavior that may be deemed offensive to other users is forbidden. Such actions and behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following: adult pornography, child pornography, nudity, trafficking, fraudulence, intimidation and harassment, profanity (offensive language). Failure to abide by these rules will result in the removal of the violator’s account and the notification of authorities when applicable. Replication of Buy & Sell Motor Parts’ content without the express written permission of the creators is prohibited.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The following content of the Buy & Sell Motor Parts application are protected by international copyright laws: graphic design, logo, and displays, photographs,  images, and illustrations, sounds, software, programming codes, functionality information, and all other relevant and non-relevant files associated with the Buy & Sell Motor Parts application. Duplication of these items for personal or professional reasons without the written consent of the creators is illegal.

Privacy Notice:

Any and all personal or non-personal information you provide using the Buy & Sell Motor Parts App will be collected and used at our discretion. The information that we collect may contain, and is not limited to, the following: your name, address andemail address, phone number, location, postal code, in-app photographs and text, item descriptions, reviews and comments, transactions, login credentials and times, passwords,IP address, browser and device information, third party information, cookies and tracking technology, and any other data that you choose to provide. The gathered information is generally used to: perform analytics on trends, monitor user activities, optimize Buy & Sell Motor Parts’ functions, and enhance the user’s experience with the application.